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Qui quis-je

1 - Who am I?

I am a D.E. Physiotherapist in Boulogne-Billancourt,

I studied at the DANHIER school in Paris. I am Franco-Dutch and therefore fluent in French, English and Dutch. In 2004, I specialized in perineal rehabilitation with Joelle Souffir. I was her assistant for 5 years and was able to gain a lot of experience in urogynecological rehabilitation and perineal massage. In 2009, I moved to Boulogne-Billancourt and continued to practice pelvic-perineal rehabilitation exclusively for women. Since 2018, I have specialized in endometriosis and am part of the RESENDO group, a city-hospital network created by Doctor Erick Petit, Doctor Eric Sauvanet, Doctor Jérôme Loriau, Doctor Delphine Lhuillery. Since 2019, within my practice, with 7 colleagues, we have created "La Maison de l'Endométriose": a multidisciplinary paramedical expert center to help patients live better with their endometriosis.

​2 -La Maison de l'Endométriose

2 - The Endometriosis House


We are 7 specialists in Endometriosis at the office

Here are the 7 complementary specialties: 


Dietician, Nutritionist : Tiffany Wambre, site internet

Naturopathe : Pauline Didelot,

Osteopath : Manon Rabat,

        Coaching and emotional management : Audrey Barbonne,


Physiotherapist : Caroline Mollard,

Sophrologist : Isabelle Simonnet,

Sex therapist : Marine Gandon, 

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3 -Perineal massage


For whom?

Caroline treats sexual disorders in women who suffer from vaginismus, primary, secondary, superficial and deep dyspareunia, vestibulodynia, vulvodynia... She also treats patients who have never been able to have sexual intercourse because intromission is impossible, and patients with apprehension/pain during gynecological examinations. She is one of the specialists recommended by "les clés de Vénus", an association for women suffering from vulvar pathology.

How does a session work?

The massage and the perineal relaxation are done in a soft way and with the listening of the patient. The evaluation of the pain is done between 0 and 10. For the perineal massage, this pain must be bearable, therefore less than 4. The internal massage of the vagina is done by circular movements, transverse movements. The patient comes, generally, twice a week and then every evening she makes a self-massage. This massage is done with a work on breathing, relaxation, as well as a neutral ultra-lubricating gel: KY. When the pain is too great, the gynecologist can prescribe an anesthetic cream: Xylocaine in order to massage in good conditions. The sensations of burning, rubbing, scratching, pain... fade away as the massage progresses.

 The massage allows to find the elasticity of the vaginal tissues, to reduce the muscular tensions, to soften and relax the perineum, to find a natural vaginal lubrication, to find a blooming sexuality, to better know its body.

New: Visio Consulting

From September 2022, Caroline will be offering video appointments to explain and advise you on pelvic pain in order to answer your questions on endometriosis, sexuality, vaginismus, perineal hypertonia, dyspareunia, pelvic congestion, pelvic varicose veins, chronically painful bladder, pudendalgia, clunealgia, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, etc...


This consultation is created to help the patient to better understand what happens to her, to guide the patient in her multidisciplinary care, such as pain doctor, acupuncturist, osteopath, sophrologist . In order to explain the use of medical devices such as the various devices of electrotherapy, vaginal dilators, ohnuts, in order to direct on certain Internet sites, massage oils, lubricant, CBD, and books... And to reassure patients that their pain is treatable and curable. You are not alone you will (re)find a fulfilled sexuality and we, specialized health professionals, we are here to accompany you. These video consultations allow all patients in France and abroad to have access to information.

If you are interested, you can reach me by Whatsapp at and I will give you the appointment myself by visio.
If you don't have a social security number, you can also reach me by whatsapps.


This consultation is out of nomenclature and therefore cannot be reimbursed by social security. 

The video lasts 40 minutes for 45 euros.


Webinar "Endometriosis and sexuality" with Heidi Beroud-Poyet, clinical psychologist trained in sexology and co-writer of the book "Women and their sex".

4 - Rehabilitation of the perineum


For whom?

Caroline takes care of pre-delivery / post-delivery rehabilitation, urinary incontinence during efforts, impériosities and bladder instabilities. Caroline also offers treatment for disorders such as pollakuria, dysuria and urinary emergencies. She takes care of patients who suffer from prolapse, organ descent and perineal heaviness.


How does a session work?

Perineal rehabilitation is mainly done manually. The first session is often longer in order to have time to evaluate the level of the patient. She can come with her baby, there is an elevator with handicapped standards in the building, as well as a baby bouncer in her consultation room. You can come before the session or stay after the session in the waiting room, which is very spacious and friendly.


The rehabilitation is therefore done manually, the patient being installed on her back at the beginning. When her perineum is efficient, the following exercises will be done standing, against gravity. In everyday life, we stand upright, problems of incontinence, gravity... always happen standing up, so it is necessary to train in this position. Perineal rehabilitation continues with abdominal rehabilitation which will also be controlled with perineal contraction.


If the perineum is too weak, then Caroline uses biofeedback and electrostimulation. The patient has to buy a vaginal probe in a pharmacy, on prescription of the gynecologist or general practitioner or physiotherapist.
For all scarring pains, a massage is performed: episiotomy, tearing, old scars...

5 - Training :

- State diploma from the Ecole Supérieure de Masseurs-Kinésitherapeutes, Ecole Danhier 2001-2004

- Perineal of Joelle Souffir from 2004 to 2009

- Californian massage in 2005


- Seniors in 2014

- Mezieres by Paul Barbieux in 2012

- Nutrition: the fundamentals at IPPP in 2016

- Baby massage training Eidelweiss in 2018
- Plantar Reflexology training Eidelweiss in 2018

- Formation RESENDO en 2018 et participation aux RCP (Réunion de Concertation Pluri-disciplinaire mensuel)

- Training sexotherapist school EFPP 2021-2022

After years of pelvic pain, Caroline Mollard was able to help me and make my pain disappear! With her gentleness and incredible professionalism, she knows how to put you at ease. She really does everything she can to find solutions to your problems, for my part a cream and the care she provides have helped me enormously. I can't thank her enough for relieving me of the pain that was plaguing my life! You can go with your eyes closed and with great confidence!


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